E-Stamping facility is available at both Head Office and Branch Office

Attractive rates of Interest for deposit morethan 3 Years at 8.25% for senior citizen Fixed Deposit Accounts.


Gold Loan upto 25 lacs at an attractive rate of interest of 10.00% per annum.

Loan facility availabe upto 80% of the bond value for both Fixed Depost and KAMMA CASH CERTIFICATE.

Housing & Mortgage loan up to 2 Crore and Commecrial Property Loan up to 6 Crores at an attractive rate of interest.

  • Savings Deposits

    Bank accounts may have a positive, or credit balance, where the bank owes money to the customer; or a negative, or debit balance, where the customer owes the bank money

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  • Fixed Deposits

    Ideal to earn higher rate of interest, if the investor can spare money for a specified period of time. The period ranges from 60 days to 60 months and above as decided by the investor.

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  • Recurring Deposits

    Recurring Deposits are a special kind of Term Deposits offered by banks in India which help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit

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  • Kamma Cash Certificate

    Broadly, accounts opened with the purpose of holding credit balances are referred to as deposit accounts; whilst accounts opened with the purpose of holding debit

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Board of Directors

Sl. No.
1 M N Subramanyam Naidu
2 V R Kumar Vice President
3 P R Balakrishna Director
4 M K Hari Babu Director
5 T Janardhan Rao Director
6 D Lakshmana Director
7 G Rajkumar Director
8 N Rajendra Naidu Director
9 D Rajendra Naidu Director
10 P C Hari Naidu Director
11 M Madhava Naidu Director
12 Dr. Vanitha K Satish Director
13 P Anitha Director
14 M Manohar Director
15 P Dileep Kumar CEO